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Your Mom Bod is Stunning and Worth Celebrating

I’ll admit it. I’m a mom bod advocate. Mommas, it’s not about the size or shape of your body but rather the amazing things you’ve done with it and how much you love yourself for who you are. And if there is one thing that every mom needs to know, is that your mom bods are worth celebrating!

The photo of the laughing woman in black and white wearing leggings, lingerie, and a white shirt, is framed as though she's ready to pose for a magazine. Her face beams with an infectious smile while her leg subtly draws attention to what lies beneath it, but not too much so that you can't see the rest of how this alluring outfit works its magic on her body.

Before I start, give yourself a round of applause. Being a mom or giving birth is no easy feat and your body should be celebrated for taking care of you, your little one, and carrying you through the years!

What is a mom bod and why should you celebrate it

A mom bod can mean many things to different people. Society has set impossible beauty standards for women and it is hard to live up to them every day, especially after becoming a mom. But we are here to tell you that you should wear your mom bod with pride!

There are a lot of changes that happen to women’s bodies when we become pregnant and then again postpartum. You will gain weight, lose a lot of it afterwards, your breasts can change shape, and you may have stretch marks or cellulite in places you didn’t used to from carrying that baby bump for nine months!

It has been shown that pregnancy can have detrimental effects on how you feel about your body. Many mothers feel differently about their bodies right after they gave birth and sometimes years postpartum. We’ve heard from a lot of moms! Moms that they aren’t able to recognize themselves when they look in the mirror after having their children. Moms who have struggled with being able to lose the baby weight. Moms who are afraid they will never look the way they used to again! Moms that have difficulty accepting or embracing their mom bod. Women can have difficulty reconnecting or feeling at home in their body when it has changed so drastically from what they were used to.

When we create our boudoir experience for our boudoir queens, it is about celebrating and appreciating the body you have now. What you may not expect from this experience is that it will give an opportunity to connect with your femininity and who you are as a woman again – something that can be lost when we become mothers!

Why are we women so hard on ourselves after having kids

The boudoir portrait of a mom is taken as she looks at the camera with white curtains in the forefront. She has an inviting look on her face, while opening up her blue shirt wearing nothing underneath to show off that sensual side of herself.

Giving birth is a huge accomplishment. It is also one of the most grueling and intense things you will ever do as a mother!

After having kids, moms are often too exhausted taking care of everyone else to take care of herself.

Women tend to be hard on themselves after giving birth because they feel vulnerable and want everything go back to “normal.” You may have wondered when your body would bounce back. Maybe you saw someone who just had a baby and wondered how she could be so “skinny” already. Or maybe you looked in the mirror at your mom bod and could only see stretch marks or cellulite and found it hard to feel sexy ever again.

It can be so easy to fall into a trap of only seeing our “flaws” and let all the things we love about ourselves disappear behind our newfound insecurities. The problem with that mindset is that when we focus solely on losing pounds or having to bounce back instead of loving who WE ARE NOW – flaws and all – then something important goes missing: confidence. And without self-confidence life can feel pretty empty!

The freedom and new confidence you find when you embrace your mom bod will help you be the best mom for your kids and give them a strong example of what it means to be an empowered woman! Children are sponges and absorb a lot! Just like you would never want someone to pick apart your child don’t do that to their mother! When your child looks at you and watches how you love and appreciate yourself as a mom and as a woman you are modeling what self-love and acceptance look like and that will help them see themselves and others with kinder more loving eyes as they grow!

How to love your body now that you’re a mom

A body portrait of a mom and her boudoir session. She stands with one arm to her side, the other hand raised in front as she looks outside for something. There's light coming on from behind which casts shadows across her back muscles that relaxes into gorgeous shapes—a perfect metaphor of what it feels like when you're not trying so hard anymore: curves becoming more subtle instead of sharp angles.

Just take a minute and think about everything your body has done for you. When you pause and realize how much our bodies go through just to keep us alive and thriving, we can’t help but love ourselves! From the ability of our lungs to bring in air so we can breathe, from the blood pumping through our veins carrying nutrients throughout every cell in our bodies! Isn’t it amazing how your skin can stretch to carry and give birth to a whole other life?

Your body has done marvelous work during pregnancy and childbirth! Your mom bod has not only provided the gift of life in the months of your pregnancy but it has carried you and your family through every stage of motherhood.

I know it doesn’t happen overnight but here are proven methods that work with reshaping your perspective!

  • Give yourself words of affirmation. Tell yourself something kind, everyday. Something like “I’m so proud of the way I take care of my family” or “I am beautiful and strong.” Words have power and we start believing it when we vocalize it!
  • Look at your reflection in the mirror and find what is good about it, name the parts of yourself that make up your favorite parts. Tell yourself what you DO appreciate. Your eyes, hair, booty, hands, nothing is out of the question! Eventually, you’ll find it easier to say “I love my body.”
  • Embracing everything you see no matter how much you may feel like saying something negative.
  • Ask yourself “who am I?” and think about all the things that make you, YOU. This is also a great journal prompt. Write it out!
  • Ask yourself who you are comparing yourself too? If you are judging yourself, where is this judgement coming from?
  • The point is not to say “my thighs are beautiful.” and not believing it, the point is to start believing it! And, when you believe in yourself, the idea of being able to love all parts will become your reality.
  • Start setting small goals like “today I’m going to wear my favorite outfit! Wearing something you love for YOU gives you a sense of confidence.
  • Find a likeminded community that encourages you and can cheer you on! If you aren’t part of a community of empowering women, join our active Facebook group!

Tips for feeling confident as a new mom 

A woman in sexy black lingerie is scratching over a couch with golden light on her. The tattoos are mesmerizing and she looks confident as she does it

How do you treat your best friend? If someone were to tell her something bad like, “you’re too fat to wear that,” you would jump in and defend her!

We women are always so quick to defend and protect others but forget that we should carry that same love to ourselves. That is why treating yourself like you would your best friend can be the perfect way to practice self-love.

If your friend looked good or felt confident in an outfit wouldn’t you encourage her to wear it? To buy it? You would tell her she looks beautiful!

It can be hard for a mother to make time for herself because she is so busy taking care of everyone else. Don’t forget yourself on the back burner though! When you do something nice for yourself it makes your whole day better! It can be something as small as buying yourself a coffee. Bringing flowers home because they will make you happy!

If your friend was overworking herself wouldn’t you encourage her to take a break?

Another tip is to find a time of the day when it’s just you. Maybe you start your morning with an hour-long walk or you schedule “me time” during your lunch break. Recruit help! Whether it be your partner, a family member, or a friend to help you take a much deserved moment to yourself.

Pamper Yourself and Book a Boudoir Session

A photo of a woman in pink robe looking down over her shoulder with an expression that is both mysterious and seductive. The white curtains contrast beautifully against the black hair, creating one entirely stunning picture!

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! And I’m not just talking survival mode or autopilot! Spoil yourself. Do things that will make you feel good and feel beautiful! Plan an outing or an activity that will remind you that you aren’t only a mom but a woman, a human that has needs and wants and desires!

Whether that is to go to the gym, getting your hair done, putting on makeup even if you are just going to be in the house, or booking that mani/pedi you will feel amazing after!

Many mothers book themselves a boudoir session because they need to be reminded that they are beautiful. Maybe you need help seeing your mom bod in a new life. To be able to see beyond the flaws you tell yourself you have in the mirror and embrace the beauty that your body holds.

Mom bods are beautiful! Your bod is a testament of your strength, your story, and your journey! You are a mother and a marvel! Remember, your body doesn’t deserve to receive hate, or shame but should instead be looked at with love and compassion!

We are strong believers that boudoir is about more than just sexy photos (don’t worry there will be plenty of that!) Boudoir is about facing your fears, curb stomping insecurities, breaking out of comfort zones and embracing the body that has carried you through every step and every stage of life!

Mom bods are beautiful! Your body is a testament of your strength, your story, and your journey! You are a mother and a marvel!

As a busy mom, it can be easy to get down on yourself and your body. The reality is that everything changes after having kids! I know you may feel like you’re not as sexy or confident in your skin anymore but the truth is, there are so many resources out there for any woman who wants to start feeling good about herself again. In case you are interested, my wife and I have created a fun local FB Group. It is a wonderful community of empowering women dedicated to helping every woman wear her crown!? I would love to see you on there, you can check it out here ? We want this blog post to be one of those places where women find encouragement and support from other moms just like them – which is why we created our Facebook Group. Join us by clicking here and let’s show each other how much we love ourselves now more than ever before!

Is the queen within you is waiting to be revealed? If you are interested in having an unforgettable experience that will change the way you look at yourself ❤️, we would love to show you the queen that you with in our signature boudoir experience. Message us today to book a (stress free) call today to see how we can create the dream boudoir shoot for you ❤️

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