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Many women think a boudoir session is just not for them. They think doing a boudoir shoot is for soon-to-be brides or gorgeous young women who can pose and strut their stuff like models. But contrary to popular belief, there is SO MUCH MORE to your boudoir session than lingerie and sexy posing. Boudoir is about seeing yourself from a different perspective and finding the power and strength to embrace it. But boudoir is also something special, a way for each woman to honor their own personal journey.

There are hundreds of reasons why women choose to do boudoir sessions. Curious? We’ve got you covered.

Here are some of our favorite reasons why women do a boudoir shoot!

1. Break free from your comfort zone
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Have you ever wanted to try something you’ve never done before or maybe be someone else for the day? Many women feel boudoir is way outside their comfort zone, but that’s what is so freeing about it! Boudoir is a great way to challenge any preconceptions you have about yourself! I can’t begin to tell you how many times clients tell me that they feel like they’ve unlocked a hidden or buried part of themselves because of their session! So take a chance and let your guard down. You’ll be so glad you did.

2. Capture a stellar time in your life

Have you received a big promotion at work? Achieved a personal or professional goal you’ve been working toward for years? Are you expecting a baby or about to get married? A boudoir session can be a great way to capture this moment in your life! The extra benefit? Your photos will help you remember all the joy and pride you have in yourself and your accomplishments.

3. Mark a major change
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Maybe you’ve reached your goal weight and you want to reward yourself for those hours at the gym. Your session can serve as an awesome treat for you and give you a chance to show off that body you have worked for. 

Whether it was a journey you had to work towards physically, or emotionally, reaching a point where you love and accept your body and love the way you look in the mirror is worth celebrating! Above all, documenting this crucial moment for your body and mind is a phenomenal way to reward yourself! 

4. Celebrate the single life

Boudoir isn’t just for a significant other—it’s for you. No one should love, cherish, and adore your photos more than you! Whether you are living and loving the single life or you’ve gone through a rough breakup, your session is yours. Harness your confidence with some sexy boudoir photos and remind yourself of how amazing you are!

5. Recognize your service

Women who serve in the military sometimes find themselves feeling less feminine or attractive. Regaining that connection can be tricky, but boudoir is a sure-fire solution. A boudoir session can put you back in touch with your femininity and show off your inner and outer strength. Whether you’ve served for months or years, your boudoir photos will have you feeling yourself in no time at all!

6. Embrace your age

Boudoir isn’t just for the young, like many assume. You deserve to celebrate your unique beauty at any age, whether you’re 30, 50, or well into your golden years. A boudoir session will help you gain a newfound appreciation for the body that carries you through each new stage of life! 

7. Boost your confidence

There are plenty of times in life when you could use a little more confidence. Whether you’re moving to a new city, starting a new job, or ready to take new risks, confidence is key. Luckily, your boudoir session has just the tools to help you look and feel your best! And the greatest part?: your boudoir photos can be something to look back on years later as proof that you are brave, bold, and beautiful. 

For instance, sometimes I’ll give my clients a little sneak peek from the back of my camera. When I showed one client an image we had just taken, she began to cry! She couldn’t believe that the person she saw on the back of my camera, raw and unedited, was her! As a result, she now had an image that called all her insecurities out for exactly what they are: lies.

Why Boudoir GiF

Whether you book your boudoir shoot to celebrate your confidence or gain it as an unexpected perk, you can bet boudoir will show you how powerful you truly are.

Whatever your reason for booking a boudoir session, you deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered. Seen for all that you are and all that you are capable of being. We would love to help you make that happen! So when will you take the leap? We can’t wait! 

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