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Should I Bring My Friend to My Boudoir Shoot? This is a question that boudoir photographers get a lot!

Should I Bring My Friend to My Boudoir Shoot?

Sometimes clients ask to bring a friend because they’re excited and think of their boudoir session as a party. And with a party, the more the merrier, right? However, most clients ask to bring a friend because they’re nervous and want extra moral support for their session! We would love to provide some insight on whether you should bring your friend to your boudoir session!

A beautiful woman stretching over a bed in white lingerie posing for her boudoir shoot
First, let me say that whether or not you bring a friend, your boudoir experience will be empowering, fun, and eye opening!

The nerves are okay! In fact, your nerves are completely normal! And one of the best moments of your shoot is when those nerves transform into pure excitement.

A true professional photographer is someone who can match your energy and hype you up even more! They put your comfort and happiness at the forefront of your session and will guide you to bring out your confident inner queen every step of the way! I mean, you wouldn’t book a boudoir session if you didn’t trust your photographer, would you? 

With the exception of our lead photographer and my husband, Leo, Crown and Mirror has an exclusively female staff. You are not alone! 

From the moment you walk in and get your hair and makeup done by our artist, are being lit by our lighting assistant, and encouraged and styled by myself (Sara) you have a team of women who are there supporting you, rooting for you and hyping you up from the get go! We are women supporting women who are there to make you look and FEEL amazing, beautiful, confident, and ready to slay your session! 

With that said, bringing the right friend to a boudoir session can have a lot of pros and cons!

While every boudoir studio has different rules, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help make the right decision for you! 

A photo of a sexy woman in red lingerie laughing having an amazing time in her boudoir shoot
If you are going to bring a friend… Bring someone who is positive-minded and eager to cheer you on every step of the way!

Your boudoir session should be filled with good and positive vibes only! This is probably the most important rule. Your friend should be someone who’s supportive of you doing boudoir and is as excited to see your photos as you are! A friend who builds your confidence, relaxes you, and makes you laugh can be a great asset to your session!

Of course, you should NEVER bring a friend if they’re critical or unsupportive of your decision. Nothing is more heartbreaking than the excitement and joy of your session being ruined from a careless comment or attitude!

Our goal is to have everyone at your shoot cheering for you– and that includes your friends! So if you want your friend to come along, make sure they’re down to be your biggest cheerleader.

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Don’t bring a backseat photographer!

Some poses and directions can look odd to the naked eye, but from the angle and lens of the camera, your photos look AMAZING. There are friends, though, who can’t see what we see and try to take over your photos for you. They try to match their vision instead of the one we share.

Your boudoir experience is all about you! We want to make sure you are able to get as many amazing shots as possible within your session! So bringing a friend who might accidentally take over your session with their own ideas is not the best idea. Their distractions and disruptions can dampen your experience. Instead, we recommend bringing someone who can trust the process with you and leave the rest to us!

As your photographers, we know that what you want is the most important. Because, above all, the person who should love your photos the most is you

Photos of a few different women who are undressing. They are posed for their boudoir session, and look comfortable and happy
When considering bringing a friend to your boudoir session, make sure you are bringing someone you’re comfortable with!

This should go without saying but, you should be 1000% comfortable with your friend! I’m talking the kind of friend you could strip naked in front of (whether in your shoot or otherwise). Your friend will be an extra set of eyes present while you’re posing like a pretzel in lingerie. So, if you want to bring a friend to your boudoir shoot, try to find someone who you won’t mind seeing all of you.

You will want to feel relaxed and confident in front of your friend! Consider whether or not you’re going to be comfortable acting sexy or sultry in front of them! Your discomfort will show, whether it’s a limit to your range, how you communicate with your photographer, your expressions, or shying away from that pose you really wanted to try. But a friend you’re comfortable with can be the perfect push past all your limits. And trust me, that kind of confidence will really shine through in every photo you take!

I often joke that if you can use the restroom in front of them, then they’re the perfect friend to bring along!

In the end, the question of whether or not you should bring a friend is one only you can answer!

Boudoir is a personal, intimate, and individually unique experience! 

If your friend isn’t available, or not a good fit, just know that you’re in good hands! Honestly, your photographer and their team won’t feel like strangers, but like your best friends! Your reasons for doing boudoir and the person you want to bring out or discover through your session are our top priority! Your boudoir session will not only be empowering, but one of the most fun days of your life!

A slideshow photo of women feeling amazing and empowered in their boudoir session.

You are going to feel like a QUEEN in your session regardless! Want to learn exactly what to wear to your session to look stunning? You can read our post on what to wear by clicking here.

If you have a supportive friend who will bring out your creative and authentic best, that’s great news! If their presence will enhance your experience, we would love nothing more than for you to bring them! And who knows? Maybe next time, the friend they’ll ask to be their session wingwoman will be you! 😉

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