The Boudoir Experience - Crown and Mirror Boudoir

Step by Step Process

The Boudoir Experience

How We Create Your Luxury Boudoir Experience

Our Background

We love being a Wife & Husband Photography Duo because we both bring our different perspectives to the table and deliver the BEST experience and imagery. 

The journey to a life-changing luxury boudoir photography experience starts with you. It's about your why ❤️, not someone else's idea of what they think is sexy. The reason we take the time to get to know you and find out your reasons for doing a boudoir session is two-fold. First, it helps us tailor the experience from start to finish so that it becomes uniquely yours. Second, this knowledge also helps us be better photographers and give an empowering experience because we can anticipate what will make you feel most comfortable in front of our camera lens.

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Phone Call

Our Process starts with a hassle-free phone call to cover any general questions and learn a little bit about you. The next step is to do an in-person Consultation & Planning with you.

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Consultation process

This is where we explore the possibilities of your session. We talk about the details of how we are going to tailor your session to you.

We cover everything your session includes, which location suits your boudoir style, wardrobe choices, and more are covered here. The next step from here is to pick a date for your magazine-style boudoir shoot!

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Tailoring your Session and Preperation

We are here for you every step of the way. After our meeting and as your session gets closer, we will send you helpful resources, send you guides, and preparation tips for your special day!

Our stylist coordinator will seamlessly ensure we have everything to create the perfect experience for you.

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Your Session

Your big day is here! When you show up for your session you may be very excited or a little bit nervous. The wonderful news is every one of our clients leaves their session excited and with a new sense of empowerment!

When you arrive we will start your professional hair & make-up to look your absolute best for your photos. As you are getting ready and we start talking about your session any nerves will turn to pure excitement!

During your magazine-style shoot, I will direct you every step of the way, from where to place your hands, where to point your feet, and which way to look creating a fun experience right from the very first image we create.

Professional Hair & Make up included in your Boudoir shoot

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Your Reveal Session

After we pour a refreshing drink or freshly roasted coffee we reveal the artwork we created together from your tailored boudoir session.

Because of the confidence and sense of empowerment we built up during your session, you may see yourself as you have never seen yourself before!

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A New Level Of Empowerment

A lovely and ravishing result from your boudoir experience.

the new sense of ravishing beauty & strength...

the excitement of authentic empowerment...

the feeling of being unstoppable...

the pleasure of expression...

and the response of taking ownership of your body...

will result in you feeling like a QUEEN. This new sense of identity is our why for boudoir and everything it encompasses!

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