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Why do a boudoir shoot in the first place? Because boudoir photography is all about you. It’s about loving yourself and feeling empowered by your beauty and femininity. It’s about discovering parts of yourself you never knew you had, embracing every piece that makes you who you are! No matter what you think when you look in the mirror, the truth is you are strong, sexy, and unique! Your beauty deserves to be celebrated and documented for you to remember forever!

Still nervous about getting in front of the camera? Here’s a few reasons why you should consider a boudoir shoot.

Why Do a Boudoir Shoot?

Boudoir Will help you see yourself from a new perspective.

A woman is looking at the screen of the boudoir photographer camera. She covers her mouth with excitment from the results
Boudoir Shoot will help see yourself with a new perspective

I have seen the shyest of wallflowers transform into wildfires. And the best part? When they leave their shoot, that spark stays with them! 


Boudoir photography allows you to see yourself and your body in a whole new light! It’s so easy to focus on the image you see every day in the bathroom mirror, going over every flaw. Taking a day to pamper yourself and flaunt your sexy side is more than just a fun time. It can really boost your self-image!

Boudoir allows you to challenge any limitations and false self perceptions that have built over the years! Your photography session gives you a safe space and freedom to try a new persona or embrace hidden aspects of yourself. Whether that be a bold, wild side or something raw and vulnerable, a boudoir session helps all of you shine! 

I’ve seen women surprise themselves time and time again at how much they can be when given the chance!  I have seen the shyest of wallflowers transform into wildfires. And the best part? When they leave their shoot, that spark stays with them! 

Capturing how beautiful you are can help you feel better on those days when loving yourself seems impossible. Plus, you’ll have those stunning photos to look back on whenever you need a little reminder. 

The Boudoir Experience is about Celebrating You.

How often do you take time out of your hectic life to care for and celebrate yourself? Chances are that rarely, if ever, happens. Maybe you’re having a moment where you feel great in your own skin. Or maybe you need a self-esteem boost or reminder of just how much of a badass queen you are! Either way, you deserve to feel empowered and celebrated, and boudoir photography can do that for you.

a woman putting on lipstick for her boudoir shoot

Your body is a monument and a testament to your story. Your experiences, challenges you face, and beauty you bring to the world are worth celebrating! 

Boudoir will make you feel the love for you.

We can all admit we’re a little better at loving others than loving ourselves. But every single one of us deserves love, especially from ourselves. Booking a boudoir session can get you confident in your own skin and help you love yourself for who you are. That’s huge! As women, we tend to waste time worrying about our flaws. As a result, we don’t focus on the amazing people we are. Step out of that self-disparaging funk and learn to love yourself!

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Can I get real with you for a minute?

As a kid, I always felt at home and comfortable in my own skin. As I got older, I became much more self-conscious and insecure when I looked at the people around me. I was plagued by the idea that I must look a certain way in order to feel pretty and if I couldn’t fit that mold, then I never would be. Slowly, but all at once, the body that helped me climb trees, carried me through growing pains, and was my home suddenly became a prison. 

I struggled with my fears, insecurities, and low self esteem everyday. It shaped how I perceived others and warped how I saw myself in every mirror and photo. As I got older, I began a journey of self love and like most journeys in life, it wasn’t quick. It wasn’t linear. It was a cycle. Waves of highs and lows and, if I’m honest, sometimes that process is still ongoing. 

But my experience with boudoir has taught me that I am beautiful.

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I am worthy of love. I am worthwhile and powerful and stronger than I ever gave myself credit. We as women are beautiful yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Boudoir gave me a reason to celebrate not just the person I am but the body I’m in. Plus, I learned to celebrate the similarities and differences all women bring to the table!

No matter your age or stage in life, you deserve to love and feel empowered by your beauty. A professional boudoir shoot is just the celebration you need!

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