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5 Boudoir Outfits You Can Wear That Aren’t Lingerie

One common misconception about boudoir is that you have to have lingerie to do it! While lingerie looks amazing you can also get some gorgeous and sexy photos with boudoir outfits you can put together from your regular closet!

With that said, lingerie of course is very welcome! Are you loving the idea of incorporating non-traditional boudoir outfits but also need a little help choosing the right lingerie for you and your body? Click here to read about what types of lingerie make perfect boudoir outfits!

A Simple T-Shirt

A beautiful woman plays with her t-shirt for her boudoir outfit. An open window is her backdrop. The editing style is moody and warm.

Hear me out, t-shirts can be VERY sexy! And for the majority of women, there is nothing that feels as right, as comfortable, or as at home as our favorite t-shirt. Wearing a simple shirt or blouse can be a great way to add a little personality to your boudoir shoot! Wearing a t-shirt to your boudoir session is the perfect way to remind yourself that you can be sexy even in your casual clothes. 

A t-shirt or blouse looks very natural because they are fun to play with and add motion to your photos!

A Collared Button Up Shirt

A beautiful woman who is only wear a red checkered button up flannel as her boudoir outfit. Her blue eyes are looking at the camera. The sunlight is peering though lighting her hair and make up. The editing style is moody.

There is much to be done with a button up shirt! For instance, it can look as casual or fancy as you want it to be! You can pair it with your favorite bra and bralette or completely forgo the bra to add a little extra spice to your boudoir photos! Capturing a boudoir photo of buttoning and unbuttoning this shirt is a surefire way to get some beautiful, captivating images that you will absolutely love!

A Cozy sweater

A beautiful woman walks away from the camera with her boudoir outfit, a cozy sweater dropping from her shoulders. Sunlight peers through the open blinds illuminating her hair and shape. The photo is anonymous and the editing style is moody and warm.

Are you a sucker for sweater weather? Or maybe you are all about the comfy aesthetic? A sweater is a fantastic way to incorporate the season or get some adorable sexy shots of you as your coziest self! One of our favorite things about sweaters is that there is so much fabric to play with! You can get some beautiful boudoir photos just by pulling at the sleeves, stretching, or giving the shoulder a little tug!

Make a Boudoir Outfit with “Something Borrowed”

A beautiful woman tips her hat and looks playfully at the camera while wearing a red teddy and a military jacket as her boudoir outfit.

Sometimes my boudoir babes want to add some photos for a little someone special in their lives. But how can you capture photos that convey just how much they mean to you? The answer? Steal their clothes and make boudoir outfits out of them!

It can be anything! A favorite sports jersey, a leather jacket, military uniform, t-shirt or button up! Once they see you looking gorgeous in their clothing they will beg you to raid their closet more often.

Wear Nothing But a Sheet!

A gorgeous woman poses wrapped in a white tulle sheet like a goddess. The floor is a reflective marble that creates a mirror image of her. The woman's eyes are closed and she cranes her neck upwards as if basking in the spotlight.

Who says there is only one way to get down in the sheets? A sheet is a perfect boudoir outfit! It may seem a little bold, but pushing your comfort zone will result in gorgeous and timeless boudoir photos that you will love for years to come. 

Seeing photos of yourself looking natural, confident, comfortable, and at home in your body is empowering! It is eye-opening to know that you can look so damn good in so little– and the best part? You get to carry that feeling and that knowledge well after your boudoir session.

So, what do you think? Which of these non-traditional boudoir outfits sound like something you’d love to try? Or maybe it is all of them? Because we are so down for that!

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