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Writing Blogs Is One of the Best Things I Ever Did as a Boudoir Photographer

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I am a boudoir photographer but, but this blog is for everyone! The reason why I don’t only focus solely on boudoir blogging is that writing a blog, in general, is a HUGE benefit for anyone!

Imagine having your own space on the internet that is yours and only yours. A place where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with the world! This is what blogging is all about! It’s a way for people like you and me who have something to say or an experience they want to share with others in order to relate and connect with the world. Blogging has helped me connect with women around the world who are living their best lives by empowering themselves through reading our articles and resources.

Maybe you want to start a blog but you don’t know where to begin. In this blog, I am going over why running a blog that aligns with your mission is super helpful no matter what industry you are in. I’ll also give examples of how blogging has helped our boudoir studio deliver life-changing boudoir experiences.

It starts with the fact that even as a boudoir photographer, boudoir is not just about selling pictures for me. It’s about empowering women and giving them the tools to feel their best in every aspect of life. And as an educator, I want to help as many fellow photographers connect with their clients and deliver the best experience in their sessions!

Why I Love Writing Blogs and Resources in the First Place

As a person with ADHD, OCD, and anxiety (who wasn’t even diagnosed till mid ’20s), I constantly need new stimulation. I love deep diving into topics and gathering as much information about subjects that interest me. I even taught myself how to speed read because I just couldn’t learn fast enough! So, when I discovered my love and passion for photography and boudoir, I knew I wanted to learn as much as I could.

I love trying every workshop I can and reading countless books because of the possibility I might learn something to help me and my business grow. But what is the point if I keep everything to myself? By sharing some of my stories and ideas, I hope to help you in some way. There’s no such thing as too many opinions or ideas – we’re all equals and I can only hope that I am able to provide a refreshing perspective on life and boudoir.

In the big picture, I learned there is something special about sharing our stories with others that makes us feel less alone.

A beautiful woman unbuttoning her red checkered shirt while looking at the camera

Boudoir Photography is what I am most Passionate about

And to be honest, everyone has their fair share of worries when they begin writing blogs. For example, I would worry about creating the impression that I am “mansplaining”. My second worry was how much time and energy would be required for the blog. The reality? It takes a lot of time to post on social media or write an article. But the feedback I get always makes it worth it!

Ultimately I want more women to feel comfortable, liberated, and at home in their bodies. While the boudoir studio is the perfect place to inspire body positivity and self love I believe that journey also begins in starting human conversations and that is what I want my blog to reflect and encourage.

The Beginning of Blogging: I’m Going to Create the Best Boudoir Session possible! (and blog about it ?)

I set out to make a lot of my blogs a helpful resources for women thinking about doing a boudoir photography session. Creating resources that would give women a better idea of how to prepare and feel confident enough for their very own boudoir photo shoot.

This includes blogs about “What Lingerie to Wear to Your Boudoir Session” or “Why boudoir will change the way you see yourself.” These blogs are a great resource for clients before they even visit the studio because they have a headstart for what to expect and how we will create gorgeous boudoir photos. And on a side note, if you are a photographer reading this, you should definitely try making a guide or post with helpful tips to help your clients prepare; it really can make your boudoir shoot go smoother.

But then I realized that even though this is a boudoir blog, why not write fun ideas to be empowered all around? Like “How to treat yourself like your best friend”? Or, for example, when COVID hit and there were many more women working from home, I wrote “how to stay on top of your game while working from home,” I got a few messages that really made me feel like I was helping.

The tricky part about running a blog and a boudoir photography studio

A gorgeous woman poses wrapped in a white tulle sheet like a goddess. The floor is a reflective marble that creates a mirror image of her. The woman's eyes are closed and she cranes her neck upwards as if basking in the spotlight.

Okay, here is the part where I will be candid with you. It isn’t easy to try to balance blogging and running a boudoir photography studio.

It is difficult to maintain blog content when time is limited because of my workload with clients at the studio. This becomes even more problematic as I am trying to not only RUN but also GROW our photography business.

Moreover, I find it difficult to stay consistent with posting because my blog posts are not always about boudoir, and this can be confusing for followers who want more of what they signed up for.

On top of this, I do workshops for boudoir photographers. Tying all these different aspects into a luxury boudoir photography studio website and making it look pretty is challenging. Time management is definitelt something I have to be on top of.

  1. But I have found that the benefits outweigh the cost! Writing a blog post provides plenty of content and ideas to share across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  2. It also provides a great way to share, reflect on, and stay on top of the latest trends in boudoir photography.
  3. Some benefits for me are that blogging is relaxing because I can work at my own pace or anywhere with an internet connection (I don’t need to drive into Phoenix traffic).

Knowing Your Why, and Why It’s Important to Empower Women Everyday

This is probably the most important part before you even begin writing for your blog. You need to know your why. Knowing what you want for the blog and knowing how it will benefit others is crucial for writing content that will resonate with people.

I want my blog post to help empower women globally, even if they don’t do boudoir sessions in their lifetime, because empowerment is a key part of self-love.

Crown and Mirror Boudoir is built around helping women need to feel good about themselves every day, no matter what they are going through, to thrive and grow into who they really are meant to become.

For me personally, Why I Blog

This part of my blog is all personal, and is all about why I do boudoir photography. So if you want to skip it entirely, feel free!

A woman is wearing lingerie on her bed. She is crossing her arms and over her stockings she has her bra hanging. There is sunlight coming out from the bedroom window

I originally started boudoir blogging for the same reason why I started non-boudoir blogging; to empower women

My why for blogging is the same reason why I do boudoir photography in the first place: to empower women.

We often get caught up in what other people think about us or feel threatened if someone sees a part of ourselves that doesn’t come across as perfect (which is impossible). We forget that accepting yourself for who you really are will allow you to blossom into your full potential.

Boudoir photography enables you to see stunning and breathtaking images of yourself in intimate, vulnerable moments. This enables you to fully embrace yourself and feel empowered.

I hope to write blogs that are about how other women can get the most out of their boudoir sessions and share them with others will help other women see themselves in a different light. Because It is so important that we can embrace our bodies for what it does for us (not only how it looks). To not be ashamed of the things that make you feel beautiful and sexy. That’s why I Blog

There are many benefits to doing a boudoir shoot, but I’ll focus on two here: feeling confident and being successful.

A unique photography idea using sun flare wrapped around a woman in pink lingerie dress that is artistically lit.

Feeling Confident

If we don’t feel good about ourselves or have self-esteem issues, our confidence can be low, leading us not to reach our goals when taking risks or standing up for ourselves when needed.

If we are dealing with this issue, then empowerment through boudoir photography may help. We get the opportunity to take control of something in life by telling a story of who they really are – their true selves! Especially in boudoir, women see themselves as beautiful as they truly are; they realize something uniquely beautiful about them that will never fade away.

A boudoir session is taking place of a woman showing her legs and only wearing a blue shirt. She is looking outside the window with an expression of joy.

Being successful:

My favorite part about boudoir photography is the celebration lasts so much longer than the boudoir session itself! Because your boudoir session is more than amazing and sexy photos! (Although the photos you get from your session alone is worth doing a boudoir shoot 🙂

Feeling bombshell gorgeous and seeing your beauty not only in your body but as a woman, you can’t help but feel invincible. From feeling beautiful in your skin to embracing the curves that make you uniquely who you are – boudoir photography helps us feel and be our best selves!

When you walk into your next work meeting or go on a first date, you can’t help but feel confident and empowered! Your Inner Queen doesn’t leave after your boudoir session, she stays with you wherever you go afterwards ?❤️

That is why at Crown and Mirror Boudoir, we have a whole team inspired to create a process that celebrates our boudoir queens! From fabulous hairstyles and makeup to beautiful boudoir images to be a reminder of what’s possible. You will always carry this newfound confidence and love for your body with you.

Takeaway from Reading my WHY, and Why It Applies to You
To put it simply, I am a photographer. Most of my blog posts aren't talking about my boudoir and my images that we creat. Although makeup, hair, and beauty inspiration could relate to boudoir, that isn't the goal.
If we look at my situation, I am a boudoir photographer writing about any ideas, advice, and insight that could empower women. Whether they become a client or not is almost irrevelant to me. If my blog helped deliver my personal mission, I am happy ?❤️

Blogs make the perfect foundations for your social media

There are two iphones with an online boudoir gallery.

I will not lie; I didn’t know if I should mention this in my post. You see, writing blogs is a HUGE part of my work. It has made posting on Facebook and Instagram so much easier because I have all the content already written.

I always write blogs because, in the big picture, they are a huge time-saver! Sometimes we indeed want to post something new and don’t know what it will be about yet, but if you do not have anything ready, go back into your blog archives and add an update there instead!

In reality, blogging for me is how I spend most of my time, and it’s also something that has helped build an incredible following on social media. I love to show the behind the scenes of a boudoir photo shoot, and I love giving tips to other boudoir photographers

I believe any blog post can be made into content fit for social media, especially if you have numbers and bullet points. Here are three tips to keep in mind when writing your next blog post:

  • Focus on what people need–not necessarily what interests them–to help with their everyday lives
  • Write shorter paragraphs than usual, so readers don’t get distracted by side conversations or thoughts; make sure each paragraph stands alone as its own point
  • Make headlines that will entice someone scrolling through their newsfeed

TIP: You can make your blog posts all about one thing or make your blog by compiling content around a particular theme. This helps make the best use of your time if you are an entrepreneur like me, juggling many different projects. I used to write 5 blog posts each week!

What My Blogs Are About, Much More than Boudoir

When you empower someone else, you’re also empowering yourself by making your community stronger. As much as I love writing about boudoir and everything it encompasses, I also love writing about empowerment.

Women empowerment is something that I am passionate about and would like to continue in my blog posts. Boudoir photography is a great avenue for me to do this, but it’s not the only thing on my mind or what matters most. There are many empowering things in everyday life as well!

Just because I am a boudoir photographer, I don’t have to limit myself to writing strictly about boudoir photography. For example, a blog about a woman who is going through a divorce and how to cope, or about the importance of self-care. I get really positive feedback on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which keeps me wanting to write more!

That’s where I’m hoping my blog takes me – to writing helpful blogs about empowerment that are applicable for women everywhere! It’s like a small little gift that provides value to women of all ages and careers globally. How exciting is that?

I also run everything through my wife, Sara, or as you will hear me say on Instagram, Sar-Bear. She is my rock and my confidant, so I want her to be happy with the direction of this blog. She also keeps me in check if I sound like I am mansplaining anything! This is a big deal to me because I worry because I know I am not a woman and cannot empathize fully with what the experience is like. However, I want to do everything I can to learn about women’s struggles and what has helped other women and anyone else that is a person!

The Cycle of Your Blog Posts, from Start to Finish

So here is my point,

Your blog should be based on a specific niche, but that doesn’t mean it can’t explore other topics.

If you knew I was a boudoir photographer and told you I had a blog, what would you expect to see in it? You probably guessed that I write about boudoir photography. And you are right.

I have written about what a boudoir shoot is like, seeing a new level of beauty and sexy, what lingerie will produce the best boudoir images, and how intimate photos will make you want to celebrate your amazing body.

However, I also write about other topics that are important to me. For instance, I have written articles about “How to be on top of your game when working from home” and “How to treat yourself like your best friend”.

You are a perfect example of how blogging can provide value. Maybe you are reading this right now, and you may not want a boudoir session. Maybe, you want to start blogging because you are a wedding planner and want to write about the wedding venues in your city and provide bridal tips. Or maybe you are a maternity photographer or another boudoir photographer, and you are wondering if you should blog as well.

However, whoever you are, even though this blog is written is by a boudoir photographer, and your field may be completely different, you may have found some helpful advice and ideas that could help you. (Which I hope you did!)

Then, the value doesn’t stop there. Because maybe you will explore my blog to see what other posts I wrote. You may find Facebook and Instagram ideas that can help provide more for your client.

And here is the best part; maybe, just maybe, you will stumble across a post about why you should celebrate your amazing body. Although you weren’t looking for it, you will find the post to be so helpful, and you will find a new belief about yourself!

And isn’t that my mission!? So by writing this blog post, I will draw a few visitors to other blog posts, whether about bringing more to the table for your clients or tips on how to have gorgeous and sexy hair all day; it all came from a post on Facebook or Pinterest! Maybe you will subscribe to my newsletter or my Instagram to keep updated, and now we are lifelong friends!

So here is a simple list of the process I use for my blog:

  1. The first step is my personal favorite because I am constantly thinking of new blog post ideas. Think of something that you are passionate about, or if not, something relevant to your business.
  2. Then the next step is to do a little research on what other people have written for it to be original content.
  3. This is the most difficult part, coming up with a title that will catch people’s attention.
  4. Write Your blog posts. Keep it from the perspective of your niche (see notes)
  5. Review and publish your blog posts.
  6. Publish your blog post on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to promote it.
  7. Link the post back to all of the other articles in this series to find them easily if they missed one!
  8. And lastly, generate new content for a different subject or update an old article with some great info.
  9. This is my personal favorite because I am constantly thinking of new blog post ideas.

*Notes about number 4

On number 4, I will use myself as an example.

  • I am a boudoir photographer who does boudoir photography as a full-time profession.
  • I obviously will start writing blogs about boudoir, like how to prepare for a boudoir session or what lingerie to wear to your boudoir shoot.
  • After a few posts, I will naturally run out of ideas for boudoir photography.
  • As discussed, I don’t have to be limited to just one niche. I can serve my clients in different ways.
  • I write more blog posts following the essence and principles of my WHY (which is to empower women)
  • I wrote something that can serve my client and possible clients. I also create info for a circle outside of boudoir photography. For anyone looking to feel amazing about themselves.
 *Notes about number 4
 On number 4, I will use myself as an example of how you can write for on different topics and keep it cohesive with your niche:

1. I am a boudoir photographer who does boudoir photography as a full-time profession.
2. I obviously will start writing blogs about boudoir, like how to prepare for a boudoir session or what lingerie to wear to your boudoir shoot.
3. After a few posts, I will naturally run out of ideas for boudoir photography.
4. As discussed, I don't have to be limited to just one niche. I can serve my clients in different ways.
5. I write more blog posts following the essence and principles of my WHY (which is to empower women)
6. I wrote something that can serve as a gift and provide value up front. I can serve my client, possible future clients, and women globally.

Concluding a blog

In conclusion, the most important thing to do when writing your blog is to think about how you will best serve others in doing so. Regardless of the field or area within which you work, my advice is always relentlessly yourself by writing content that will help school your target audience with whatever they may need from your post.

I have to show my potential clients that they are not alone in this journey, and I am here for them. Personally, my intention when writing is never to put myself or my brand in a position of being the most important person.

The purpose is to write something that can serve someone else, and then I will go out into our sphere, share it with other people, and hopefully help them too as they read what I have written.

I would love to know what was most useful to you from this post and which topic is most interesting to you. Drop your answer in the comments or message me 🙂

Feel free to follow us and Instagram or Facebook to be updated when I post a new blog! Or sign up for my newsletter! (Or you can follow us if you just want to see boudoir photos and BTS of our latest boudoir photo shoot! ❤️)

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