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Welcome, to boudoir photos like you never imagined

Luxury Phoenix Boudoir Photography

We are Crown and Mirror Boudoir and we believe…

… that FEMININITY  means what you make of it

… in choosing self love over limitations

… in challenging the self perceptions that hold you back

...that the best things in life are on the other side of fear

...that the woman you are tomorrow is thanks to the woman you are today

… in telling your story and celebrating the body that carries you through it!

Our Why for Boudoir,

At Crown and Mirror, we believe boudoir is more than beautiful and sexy photos. Boudoir photos are a documentation of your strength, your story, and taking ownership of the body that carried you here.

The artwork we create together will be an empowering and beautiful reflection of you because our consultation process truly helps us best understand your values, your vision, and the narrative you are excited to tell

Because the truth is...

You are already beautiful in the body you are in. As your boudoir photographer, what I would love to do for you is have an experience that results in you feeling like a QUEEN! And with this new sense of identity lasts much longer than your session! That is our why for boudoir and everything it encompasses!


There are two best days in your life. The day you are born, and the day you figured why. My why, is to help you celebrate your strengths, your story, and the body that carries it all.

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