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7 Spicy Ideas for Doing a Boudoir Session for Valentines Day

Make your boudoir session extra special this Valentine's Day and try one of these spicy tips that are guaranteed to give you photos that will make your partner swoon!  💓🔥

7 Spicy Ideas for your Valentine's Day Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photos are some of the most incredible & unforgettable gifts you can give your partner (and yourself) for Valentine's Day!🙌🏻

Your boudoir photos are the perfect romantic gift you can give to your significant other that will make their jaw drop. The look on your partner's face when they see your photos is one hundred percent worth it every time and we definitely recommend recording their reaction! 😉

I've been doing boudoir photography for a while. I've had the pleasure of helping women weave meaningful details and ideas in their boudoir sessions that are unique to their relationship and love story. Incorporating some of these ideas will make your boudoir session unique to you and your partner will feel extra special because they won't be expecting it.

As a side note, I do want to quickly mention that boudoir is an experience that is special, unique, and empowering for ALL women. What I mean is that a boudoir session is also a gift to yourself. Boudoir is a celebration of your femininity, strength, unique beauty, and the body that has carried your every step in your journey. Regardless of boudoir photos being the greatest gift ever, it being a gift-to-partner part is icing on the cake. The gift-for-you aspect is the reason to do a boudoir session because you deserve this empowering experience for yourself ❤️

Of course, these ideas don't have to be only for Valentine's Day. Boudoir is a perfect gift for celebrating any milestone whether it be a birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary. While the tried and traditional "velvet red roses and heart-shaped chocolate" ideas are always fun, but here are 7 Spicy New ways to think outside the box when planning your boudoir shoot:

Wear Your Partners Clothes in Your Boudoir Session

1: Wear Your Partners Clothes in Your Boudoir Shoot

Incorporating an article of clothing from your partner is a surefire way to convey just how much you love and cherish them! They will absolutely love seeing you wearing something of theirs whether it be a classic button-up, their favorite hoodie, a sports jersey from their favorite team, or their favorite band tee. There are SO.MANY.OPTIONS. of clothing to do this with, and you can get creative with it.

Let's be honest here; if it is something they wear often, the chances are that they will smile any time they see or wear it and think of you. 

*Okay, bonus spicy idea, imagine gifting them a print of you wearing something of theirs with a handwritten note that reads, "I was thinking of you while wearing this" or "Think of me next time you wear this." That is way too cute not to share!

Do a Boudoir Themed Shoot

2: Choose a Specific Theme for Your Boudoir Session

Maybe you saw this post last minute, and you are now thinking "oh no, Valentine's Day is around the corner and I have nothing planned" why not try a Valentine Mini-Session?"

Do a boudoir mini session and choose a theme that you love. You can pick a sports theme for your partner who is a sports fan, or maybe do a marvel cosplay because they love everything Marvel.

Another example is If they love to dirtbike, wear their dirt bike gear, or better yet see if your photographer will travel to your garage and create a photo they will cherish forever!

You still get a very unique experience as well as the perfect Valentine, Win-Win! 🙌🏻

*Bonus Tip: Use the Glam to Spice Up Your Night ✨

I wanted to add this one is for you Queen! It may not be  SPECIFICALLY for the boudoir session itself, but it is a fun tip to make the day special.

Your boudoir session is the perfect excuse to get pampered and glammed up with professional hair and makeup. But that doesn't mean the fun can't go on after your session is done. Since you are already all glammed up and radiating with confidence from your session, you might as well make the most of your it and go out for a romantic date night or a favorite activity of yours! Put on an outfit you love and let your natural beauty shine as you go out about town!

And for some more ideas, a few times at Crown and Mirror Boudoir, we have done sessions in the morning, and later that same evening we sent our client her secret phone app with a few highlights from her boudoir session to enjoy having a sneak peek while out on their romantic date!

Can you imagine how fun it would be to go on a date dressed up, feeling confident, beautiful, and empowered? Then also have the excitement of gifting your partner with stunning, sexy photos at the end of the night!

Not only will your partner's jaw drop when they look at your boudoir photos, but they also will have even more photos to look forward to! Imagine gifting them with a little preview and then surprising them with the fact that there are even more photos to enjoy later!

Warning: Your boudoir photographer is not responsible if your boudoir photos make date night abruptly end because your partner is in a rush to get you back home 😘

Don't know what a secret phone app is, you're in luck! We will be covering that (more in-depth in this article)

Add Personal Touches to Your Boduoir Session

3: Add Some Personal Touches to Make the Photos Feel Special and Unique

You can be subtle or bold as you like. For example:

Does your partner has a favorite color? If so, wear that color in the outfit you choose.

Maybe they gave you a necklace, bracelet, or something that was sentimental to them, wear it in your shoot!

Does your partner love to take you outdoors or to the beach? You can add the element of nature to your boudoir session! Or if you two are into fitness you can dress in your workout clothes or incorporate a workout pose.

It's the small things, as well as the overall elements, that will make your photographs seem more personal and you can demonstrate to your significant other that you really do know them.

P.S. If you aren't the creative type don't worry! Boudoir photographers are eager to ask the appropriate questions to discover more about you. At Crown and Mirror Boudoir we aim to add details that showcase your story and personality in a timeless, classy, and elegant way.

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4: Gift Them with Captivating Prints from your Boudoir Shoot 🔥

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a print is sure to leave your partner speechless!

Most boudoir photography studios offer a digital session download as part of their package but I would feel guilty, knowing you are here for some spicy ideas for a Valentine's-Edition Boudoir Session if we didn't talk about Prints.

Have you ever held a fine-art print? It is tangible, has dimension, is colorful, and evokes emotions on a whole new level. A print has a unique way of allowing your eyes to take it all in, your mind to wander and appreciate an image in a way that digital cannot.

Imagine the excitement and thrill of opening up a beautiful album or box of fine-art prints!

You get to FEEL the weight of the matted paper,  SMELL the leather on the album and HEAR the rustling of pages as you flip through them. Do you see what I'm getting at? 

A print can activate all five senses, thus creating a journey through your image. To put it simply, imagine your boudoir photos being appreciated and admired by your partner in the same way artwork is in a museum!

Here are some perfect ways to make your printed boudoir photos a spicy gift this Valentine's Day!

  • A canvas to be hung up in your partner's home office, hobby room, or "man cave"
  • A wallet photo to remind them of you (it's also a great incentive to think of you every time they open their wallet 🤣)
  • A stunning album for them to have when you have to spend long spans of time apart (this one is very popular for active military or other careers where long-distance is a factor in your relationship)
  • A sexy print that you can slip them before a romantic date night. 
  • A trail of photos leading up to the bedroom. 💋
Add a Special Message

*Bonus points if you write a special message for your sweetheart and let them unwrap the gift in front of you. Don't forget to record their reaction! It is so, so worth it!

If you want to read about creative and unforgettable ways to gift a boudoir session, we wrote a super-sweet blog just for you!



5: Add a jaw-dropping video!

Boudoir Video. Here, I'll say it again.

🔥 Boudoir VIDEO. 🔥

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is by far one of the most incredible ways to feel empowered, sexy, and confident in your skin!

You get to relive the experience and feelings your boudoir session evoked including feeling beautiful, empowered, confident, strong, and uniquely you. Boudoir videos are some serious fun, not to mention that it will look and feel like you are starring in your own cinematic masterpiece. 

Look, I'm a photographer, and have always loved being able to capture the beauty of a singular still moment--- but when I saw the potential of a Boudoir video, my jaw dropped! I was utterly blown away by imagining how boudoir video would empower women everywhere, and that is why I am so passionate about incorporating boudoir video into your session. Because I want you to feel confident and sexy in your skin.

I know what you might be thinking--- it is hard enough to work up the courage or confidence to have boudoir photos taken of you let alone a video! But I promise that the process is pretty much the same, and when we say you will be obsessed we are not kidding. At Crown and Mirror, we have never had a single client who wasn't absolutely in love with their boudoir video. 

Having a Boudoir video taken is one of the most liberating things you will ever do for yourself! It's empowering, it's sexy and it makes a wonderful reminder of just how amazing you are that you can watch again and again. Boudoir video is an extraordinary gift you can give to yourself & your loved one because we tailor the video to show off your unique personality, story, and femininity. Your boudoir video will not only pick you up on those bad days but hype you up whenever you need to be confident and ready to take on the world or any obstacle that may come your way!

Here's how it works; We create videos tailored to your personality, style, story, and music you like. We want the video to be YOU, and we work with you closely to make that happen.

Please believe us when we say your partner isn't the only one who won't be able to resist rewatching this video over and over again! 

Want to See the Magic of Boudoir Film?

That Gif You see above is a low-pixel quality to load this blog fast. If you want to check out some REAL videos that we have done, you can check them out on our boudoir video page by clicking below!


6: Give The Perfect Gift Multiple Times by Using a Phone App for Your Boudoir Photos

Okay, this is a real, real special one! I will start with a short story, and then the brilliant idea I'm dying to share with you!


When I started photography, most photographers would send a flash drive in the mail for their boudoir photos. But I got to thinking, what if something happened to the driveWhat would happen if you dropped the flash drive or it got lost? What if your loyal dog wanted to chew on it?

Not to mention flash drives/Thumbstick drives eventually break. Yep, it is one of the most common issues I hear about in photography. So basically, you are looking at a ticking time bomb when that happens!🙈

The Solution

After hearing about all these problems, I discovered the solution! ❤️

So, we have a little something called a secret phone app for your boudoir photos! It has highlights from your boudoir shoot, and you view the entire album and access your video! You can even add a password for extra security.

It's so simple and easy to access your boudoir session(s) from the home screen of your phone. All you have to do is download the app onto your phone, and when we are done with your shoot, it updates with all your photos and videos! Right on your home screen!

And if you are planning to gift these photos, this brings the art of boudoir gifting to a whole new level! And we do all the work for you! Okay, here is how it works;

Copy of Add a Special Message

One Unforgettable Boudoir Session, Multiple Unforgettable Boudoir Gifts

Okay, Check this out. You have two options after your session.

Option 1: You have your phone app downloaded, and as we work on your Boudoir Collection, we update the app with your photos and videos! Usually, it goes in this order:

Within 48 hours: Boudoir Photo Previews

Within a Week: Video Clip and/or Behind-the-scenes from your bouoir session

Week 2-3: Full Boudoir Film & Full Boudoir Imagery

Option 2: We deliver everything all at once

Believe it or not, every boudoir queen thus far has gone for option 1! (Hey, I totally understand why because I would too!)

Now, Here is where the magic comes in if you choose option 1! All you have to do is pace yourself, and with every new update, after you experience the feels of seeing yourself as an amazing goddess in each photo, you show your loved one the latest update, revealing that there was more from your boudoir shoot!

With every update, they will feel like you are giving them a gift all over again! and one more thing,

You can customize your phone app! During a shoot, you can create personalized messages or have us record videos with a special message just for them!

So, for example,

Let's say you are gifting this boudoir session to your significant other, it may look like this

The first gift you show your partner, you only show the highlights of your boudoir session. Your partner's jaw drops, they are thrilled, and they wish there was more. What they don't know is there is more 😉

The second gift is showing them maybe a portfolio or print you got for them. Something that guaranteed to make them grin ear-to-ear.

The third gift is perhaps you decide to tell them there ARE indeed more photos. They are blown away, and they get to see more of your stunning boudoir photos.

Wait, What's this!? A BTS Boudoir Video that is showcases your authentic personality. And in the beginning, you are talking to the camera about how much your partner means to you and how excited you are to give this gift to them.

Fourth time? Dooo ittttt! Now you are grinning to show them your boudoir video! When they think they have seen it all, your video takes it up even more!

Whether you show them all at once, or you love to surprise them again and again, I promise your partner will be over the moon, as well as you!

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7: Record Their Epic Reaction!

Okay, this is a very fun idea to do! Because recording your partner's reaction is about having the moment you gave them this gift a keepsake to have forever.

Now, there are a variety of ways you can record this! I'm going to be very specific about this because I get asked all the time ❤️

BEFORE you even show them the photos, record THEIR REACTION! This sets up the mood that something special is going to happen, and you'll be able to relive the moment over and over again. How you surprise and record them is totally up to you! Some boudoir queens will send their partner a photo completely unprompted while they are sitting on the couch and record their reaction that way. Others take a more formal approach and will sit their partner down at the kitchen table and then slide their boudoir album across the table and record as their partner opens their gift. 

Photographer tip: WHILE recording, it is okay for you to talk, but try not to be to speak too much over the video or wait to respond after counting to three in your head (one....twooooo...three....Now Respond). But really, just sit back and enjoy seeing your partner freak out over their amazing gift and take in all the thoughtful, stunning photographs of the woman they love most. The reason we advise against you talking too much during the surprise part is because you want to record their genuine, authentic reaction so you can laugh and relive them later together. Sometimes your partner's eyes will get huge, maybe they'll scream, or be tongue-tied, or their jaw will drop, or they will look back and forth between you and the images in disbelief that you gifted them with this. All reactions are well worth the surprise and always sooo satisfying to watch!

After this, both of you officially will have a keepsake for the life of this moment and can watch it together whenever you want!

Wrapping it All Up

If you love surprising your significant other, celebrating you, and giving back to yourself. A boudoir session is hands-down the perfect gift for your Valentine's Day!

And truthfully, it's a pretty awesome gift for any occasion! Engagement surprise, anniversary gift, or just something special to treat yourself with - these gifts will, without a doubt will be unforgettable.

But please remember, spots can fill up fast, so always check availability and be sure to bring up the date you need everything by! If it is a last-minute idea don't worry! Mini Boudoir Sessions are an option, and we work together to make sure your images are edited in time for the date you need them by!

If you still want helpful tips on preparing for your boudoir photoshoot, I got you! You can check out other helpful posts we made in our boudoir resources section.

If you're looking for boudoir ideas, experiences, and fresh ways to empower yourself and celebrate who you are, sign up for our newsletter! If you do I will do a little jig and be inspired to write more!

See you next time! With love,


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