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Our Boudoir Belief & Your Story

At Crown and Mirror, we believe boudoir is more than beautiful and sexy photos. It is documentation of your strength, your story, and taking ownership of the body that carried you here.

Because the truth is...

You are already beautiful in the body you are in. What I would love to do for you is have an experience that results in you feeling like a QUEEN! And this new sense of identity lasts much longer than your session! That is our why for boudoir and everything it encompasses!

You don't have to have any experience what-so-ever or worry about posing. Almost all the artwork you see from us is from REAL clients, just like you!

I will direct you every step of the way to make sure you look your best!  Boudoir photography is for every woman, no matter who you are. You'll finally be able to say goodbye to your insecurities and hello to the queen that's been waiting her whole life for this moment.

Phoenix Boudoir Studio

Magically Authentic Photos

No Photoshop Needed

Bouduoir Photos that are all about YOU

See Your Natural Beauty

"Get The Full Luxury Boudoir Experience that is All About YOU!"

Are You Ready to See Your Authentic Beauty?

Why We Don't Body-Morph or Over-Edit

Before Edit After Edit
Authentic Magizine-Style Edits

We strive for our clients to be able to see their authentic beauty in these photos and truly know their value. This isn't just another session or photo shoot, this is your story that will change.

We believe you don't need to be photoshopped to be worth celebrating, you already are! Your raw beauty is enough, and we want to provide you with images that capture your true self. Our desire for our clients is to feel beautiful on the outside AND the inside so they can be empowered to take ownership over their body, beauty and life.

Everything from your boudoir shoot consultation, choosing your hair and makeup stylist, to designing your boudoir album, we will be there to help you every step of the way to make your experience unforgettable.

Phoenix Boudoir Photography that is authentic before edits boudoir photo Phoenix Boudoir Photographer Specializing in creating genuine images



Check Out Our Testomonials from REAL clients

Being a professional photographer means more than taking photos. We believe that boudoir begins before the camera is even brought out and in cultivating an experience that helps you fall a little more in love with yourself every step of the way!  Our empowering boudoir photography focuses entirely on who you are and what makes you special, not photoshopping yourself into a different person ❤️

a happy woman on a bed in lingerie smiling

The boudoir experience was more than I could have ever dreamt of. I couldn’t have asked for better people to empower and hype me up! I had a truly magical feeling when I left my session feeling so confident and beautiful. I was reassured and felt so comfortable the entire time. Everybody should do a boudoir shoot at least once in their life and feel just how amazing it is!

Shenoa R

Crown and Mirror Boudoir

The photos and experience were so much fun! Every woman has to do a boudoir session. I never knew I could look THIS sexy. I felt so comfortable with you and never felt awkward, I can't wait to do another session for more boudoir photos!



Honestly, working with Crown and Mirror I felt like a professional model????I spent my entire life hiding from the camera and being scared of it because i always just assumed I wasn’t pretty or photogenic but working with Leo and Sara made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and like i was a natural!

I was also shocked when Leo showed me the photos during our session since i was able to see how pretty I was the whole time. It was a serious confidence booster and i honestly don’t think i want anyone else ever taking my photos ????????

Megan M

An image of a woman in lingerie on bed stretching with her reflection on the bottom half of the photo

I owe so much to Leo & Crown and Mirror for all the endless support and for helping build up my confidence in front of the camera as well as myself. Every woman needs to have this amazing experience!


A photo of a woman wrapped in blanket being lit by light artistically. Her reflection can be seen on the floor.

You all have given me sooooo many treasures to hang on to for forever! Thank you ❤️



Rated One of the Best Phoenix Boudoir Photographers

I believe we are recognized nationally and rated as one of the best Arizona boudoir photographers isn't only because of our equipment or our studio. It's because we genuinely care about creating a boudoir photo shoot that is not only about photographs that are sexy and beautiful, but also an empowering experience that creates newfound confidence that will last forever!

Your genuine beauty and personality are so much sexier than your dress size or number on the scale. We take a different approach by having a team that puts together a perfect way to capture the inner goddess that's within you.

Anyone can take a photo but it takes a talented boudoir photographer to capture the genuine beauty of a woman. This is why we take pride in capturing images from our boudoir queen's innermost beauty and helping women embrace everything that makes them unique.

You don't have to take our word for it, here is what REAL everyday women are saying about their photo shoot in our boudoir studio right here in the Phoenix Area:

Luxury Boudoir Studio

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A woman is looking at the screen of the boudoir photographer camera. She covers her mouth with excitment from the results

Watch this behind-the-scenes of the Experience


Welcome to a community where women lift, empower, and fix each other's crowns! 👑❤️
Our group dedicated to celebrating what your unique femininity means to you. Challenging misconceptions that we have let define us! Learning new ways to practice self-care and falling a little more in love with ourselves in the process!
The group is open to more than Boudoir Photography Phoenix and Scottsdale Queens!  Click the button below to check us out!

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Resources for Queens

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Boudoir Resources

Get Bombshell ready with our Boudoir Blog! You will get all the goodies you need to feel sexy and prepared for your upcoming photo session. - it's everything you need (hopefully) woven into one beautiful blog just for you. 

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Daily Empowerment

The Daily Empowerment Blog is a blog with advice and strategies for the person juggling life. With guidance topics from "slaying your day" to tackling goals, you'll feel charged up by reading what we have to say! 

At our Phoenix boudoir studio, we try our best to serve ALL women who is looking to shine their crowns 👑❤️. Here are a few of our favorite posts. New content is published weekly by our team. If you would like to see more resources, visit our blog by here clicking here.

We do more than write about boudoir. We cover many different ideas from building your lingerie wardrobe to how to self-love. If you want to join a positive community of women who share their own daily advice and experiences, feel free to join our Facebook VIP Group

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